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Who pays for all of this?

We can access various funding to improve the energy efficiency on your behalf.

In a nutshell, if our country does not reduce our carbon emissions by 2050 then Europe are going to fine them a huge amount of money. The government in turn have put pressure on the big 6 utility companies to reduce their carbon emissions through free or heavily subsidised energy efficiency measures.

In some cases you may need to put a contribution towards your energy efficiency measure, this is normally minimal.

The following funding streams may be available for your property.

Eco – ECO stands for energy company obligation, this is the money that the utility companies are ring fencing for energy efficiency measures, ECO funding will in most cases fund the whole cost of the cavity or loft insulation, it will also pay for a large chunk of your new boiler installation as well.

Green Deal Home Improvement Fund – From the start of June 2014 the government has launched the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund, this is a stand alone scheme that will give you cash back on measures such as External Wall Insulation. If you live in or rent our a property that was built before 1935 the GDHIF will pay up to £4,000 towards the installation, there is a pot of up to £100 million that will be spent in 2015, this may seem a lot but it is spread over a number of other measures and could equate to only around 8,000 External Wall jobs, if you want to see how we can improve your solid wall property and save you or your tenant £££££’s on their heating bills get in touch today.

Green Deal Finance – The Green Deal is the government’s flagship scheme to improve the housing stock of the UK and cut down on our carbon emissions. The Green Deal is designed to allow landlords and tenants to finance energy efficiency measures to their houses with no initial outlay. The golden rule for the Green Deal is that the savings made on the property’s energy bills will cover the repayments of the work carried out.

To get the ball rolling you will need a Green Deal Advice Report, this will give your property a bespoke plan to improve the energy efficiency and show you how much Green Deal Finance your can access. ABR are a Green Deal Advice Organisation as well as a Green Deal Installer, if your interested in Green Deal give us a call and we can walk you through the process.

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