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Why Should I Change To Biomass?

  • We have saved our customers between 40-69% off there heating bills from day 1 [ See the table below]
  • You will be eligible to claim RHI payments for the next 7-20 years!
  • Oil and electric prices will rise much faster that wood!
  • Your installation will be have paid for itself in between 3-5 years!
  • Reduce your carbon footprint!

Just take a look at the savings available by switching:


Average Fuel Prices per Kilowatt

Woodchip (30%MC) 2.2p (per kWh)
Wood Pellet 4.2p
Oil 6.7p
LPG 7.9
Electricity 14.5p

As you can see by switching from LPG to biomass you could save up to 68% , remember your new boiler is going to be around 30% more efficient making the fuel switch a no brainer and this is even before we talk about the Renewable Heat Incentive!

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