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1. What is a biomass boiler? A biomass boiler is a boiler designed to burn solid fuels classed as biomass.

2. Why change to a biomass boiler? Due to the lower cost of the Biomass fuel, you can expect to save between 50-70% of your fuel as well as improving your green credentials.

3. Why is Biomass Carbon Neutral? As trees grow they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, then during combustion in a biomass boiler an equivalent amount of CO2 is emitted, these amounts balance out and this is why Biomass is carbon neutral.

4. Who pays for the boiler maintenance? ABR Energy will cover all the costs of maintenance; your boiler will also be regularly serviced.

5. Do we purchase the fuel from ABR Energy? Yes, ABR Energy will supply your fuel for the next 20 years

6. Can a biomass boiler be connected to my existing heating system? Yes, in much the same manner as any other boiler. However, as many biomass boilers operate at a higher temperature, and hence pressure, than fossil fuelled boilers, with some operating at above 100C, it may be necessary to fit a plate heat exchanger between the biomass boiler and the existing heating system. The plate heat exchanger will also act as a barrier to foreign objects between the two systems.

7. Does a biomass boiler work fully automatically? Absolutely everything is automated, we will even receive a text when it needs refilling!

8. Will there be any disruption to my business? Typically your down time on your heating and hot water will be no more than a few hours. For businesses who cannot afford any down time during normal working hours we can schedule a changeover in the evening or at weekend.

9. What happens if something goes wrong with the boiler?  Our engineers are on standby 24/7, all the repairs and maintenance are covered by ABR Energy, the boiler is regularly serviced to a high standard, Also most of our boilers come with online monitoring systems that allow us to monitor the boiler performance and condition, this can allow us to identify a potential issue before it occurs and make repairs before any breakdown actually occurs.

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